The Solar Wind is Stripping Oxygen and Carbon Away From Venus

The BepiColombo mission, a joint effort between JAXA and the ESA, was only the second (and most advanced) mission to…

7 days ago

Against all Odds. Japan’s SLIM Lander Survived a Second Lunar Night Upside Down

You might remember the SLIM lunar lander that managed to land upside-down! The probe from the Japanese Space Agency has…

3 weeks ago

Crew-8 Arrives at the ISS, Despite a Crack in the Capsule

Space travel seems to be a fairly regular occurrence now with crews hopping up and down to the International Space…

2 months ago

Astroscale’s Satellite is Now Chasing Down a Real Piece of Space Debris

Space debris is a thing.. It seems whether we explore the Earth or space we leave rubbish in our wake.…

2 months ago

Japan's New H3 Rocket Successfully Blasts Off

Japan successfully tested its new flagship H3 rocket after an earlier version failed last year. The rocket lifted off from…

2 months ago

Asteroid Ryugu Contained Bonus Comet Particles

On December 5th, 2020, Japan's Hayabusa2 mission successfully returned samples it had collected from the Near-Earth Asteroid (NEA) 162173 Ryugu…

3 months ago

Japan’s SLIM Lander Finds Power Even Though It’s Face Down

The Moon is a bit of a hot bed for exploration of late.  The Japanese agency JAXA have been getting…

3 months ago

Japan’s New X-Ray Observatory Sees First Light

XRISM, the X-ray Imaging and Spectroscopy Mission, is a joint NASA/JAXA mission led by JAXA. The X-ray space telescope began…

4 months ago

Japan Tests Robotic Earth-Moving Equipment in a Simulated Lunar Jobsite

JAXA has partnered with the Kajima Corporation to develop autonomous construction technology to build on the Moon!

5 months ago

The Solar Wind Whistles as it Passes Mercury

The Mercury , part of the BepiColombo International Mercury Exploration Project, has revealed some interesting things about Mercury's magnetosphere.

6 months ago