interior ocean

Planets With Large Oceans are Probably Common in the Milky Way

A new study by a team of NASA scientists indicates that "ocean worlds," like those in our Solar System, could…

4 months ago

Europe’s Mission to Jupiter’s Moons Just Got its First Instrument

The ESA's JUpiter Icy Moons Explore (JUICE), which will study Europa and Ganymede for evidence of life, just got its…

8 months ago

NASA Wants to Send a Low-Cost Mission to Explore Neptune’s Moon Triton

A team of researchers from NASA and the Lunar and Planetary Institute (LPI) recently proposed a low-cost mission to explore…

2 years ago

ARCHIMEDES: Digging into the ice on Europa with lasers

To explore Europa for signs of life, NASA in investing in a number of technologies, which includes a laser-mining concept…

2 years ago

Life on Europa Would be Protected by Just a Few Centimeters of Ice

Thanks to a new study led by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, future missions to Europa will be more likely to…

2 years ago

NASA Simulation Shows How Europa’s “Fossil Ocean” Rises to the Surface Over Time

A new study by a team from NASA JPL has shown how Europa's interior ocean rises to the surface slowly…

2 years ago

New Research Raises Hopes for Finding Life on Mars, Pluto and Icy Moons

A new research study conducted by an international team of researchers indicates that life can survive in a variety of…

2 years ago

Scientists Find that Earth Bacteria Could Thrive on Enceladus

A recent study by a team of German scientists has demonstrated that a certain strain of Earth bacteria could survive…

3 years ago

Icy Worlds Like Europa and Enceladus Might Actually be too Soft to Land On

According to a new study led by the Planetary Science Institute, Europa and Enceladus may have surfaces that are too…

3 years ago

There Could be Hundreds More Icy Worlds with Life Than on Rocky Planets Out There in the Galaxy

According to a new study by members of the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, there could be

3 years ago