Hubble Space Telescope

Water Vapor Found in the Atmosphere of a Small Exoplanet

A recent study published in The Astrophysucal Journal Letters discusses the detection of water within the atmosphere of GJ 9827…

5 months ago

This Strange-Looking Galaxy is Actually Two. And They're Merging

This strange-looking galaxy seems to be a spiral with a long tidal tail stretching away. It's known as Arp 122,…

5 months ago

JWST and Chandra Team Up for a Stunning View of Supernova Remnant Cassiopeia A

NASA's long-lived Chandra X-ray Observatory teamed up with JWST for the first time, producing this incredibly detailed image of the…

5 months ago

Hubble Sees a Random Collection of Galaxies, Perfectly Lined Up

This new image from the Hubble Space Telescope looks like a series of smaller spiral galaxies are falling out of…

6 months ago

Hubble Returns to Science Operations

After a brief interruption, NASA announced that the Hubble Space Telescope is back in business. Problems with one of its…

6 months ago

Hubble is Offline Because of a Problem with one of its Gyros

The rich flow of scientific data—and stunning images—that comes from the Hubble Space Telescope is being interrupted by gyro problems.…

7 months ago

An Epic Collaboration Between Hubble and JWST

Hubble and Webb have come together to create one of the most detailed and revealing images of an iconic galaxy…

7 months ago

Juno Spots Salts and Organic Molecules on Ganymede’s Surface

During its last flyby of Ganymede, the Juno probe reported finding traces of mineral salts and organic molecules on its…

8 months ago

Feast Your Eyes on this Star-Forming Region, Thanks to the JWST

Nature is stingy with its secrets. That's why humans developed the scientific method. Without it, we'd still be ignorant and…

8 months ago

Hubble Sees a Mysterious Flash in Between Galaxies

Hubble and other observatories worldwide have witnessed a Luminous Fast Blue Optical event between two galaxies.

9 months ago