hawking radiation

Merging Black Holes Could Give Astronomers a Way to Detect Hawking Radiation

Nothing lasts forever, including black holes. Over immensely long periods of time, they evaporate, as will other large objects in…

2 months ago

The Universe Could Be Filled With Ultralight Black Holes That Can't Die

Steven Hawking famously calculated that black holes should evaporate, converting into particles and energy over vast periods. But what if…

3 months ago

If Black Holes Evaporate, Everything Evaporates

Stephen Hawking predicted that black holes wouldn't last forever, eventually evaporating into a smear of particles. According to a new…

1 year ago

A new way to Confirm Hawking's Idea That Black Holes Give off Radiation

A quantum experiment simulates how Hawking radiation could affect quantum systems.

2 years ago

There are 6×10^80 Bits of Information in the Observable Universe

A new study based on Information Theory has produced the first estimate on just how much data is encoded in…

3 years ago

We Knew Black Holes Have a Temperature. It Turns out They Also Have a Pressure

Black holes have a pressure as well as a temperature, thanks to the thermodynamics of quantum gravity.

3 years ago

Hawking Made a Prediction About Black Holes, and Physicists Just Confirmed it

Astronomers have found the first evidence that black holes follow the laws of thermodynamics.

3 years ago

A New Idea to Harness Energy From Black Holes

A new study by an international team shows how the physics of a black hole's event horizon could allow us…

3 years ago

You Could Travel Through a Wormhole, but it’s Slower Than Going Through Space

A new study reveals that traveling through a wormhole may actually be possible, but don't count on it saving you…

5 years ago

Stephen Hawking has passed away at age 76

Stephen Hawking passed away on Wednesday morning, March 14th, at his home in Cambridge. He leaves behind a loving family,…

6 years ago