Archeologists are Planning to Scan the Great Pyramid of Giza With Cosmic Rays With Such Detail, They Should see Every Hidden Chamber Inside

The Great Pyramid of Giza might be the most iconic structure humans ever built. Ancient civilizations constructed archaeological icons that…

1 year ago

Tutankhamun’s Meteorite Blade

The Egyptian boy-king's blade was made 600 years before Egypt had iron-smelting technology.

7 years ago

What Is the Longest River In The World?

Planet Earth boasts some very long rivers, all of which have long and honored histories. The Amazon, Mississippi, Euphrates, Yangtze,…

8 years ago

‘Shockwave Of Fire’ Rained Down After Old Comet Strike On Earth, Scientists Say

Speak about destruction. A comet slammed into Earth's atmosphere 28 million years ago and basically killed everything with fire below,…

9 years ago