An Astronaut Controls a Robotic Dog From Orbit

Swedish astronaut Marcus Wandt took control of a series of robots in Germany while on board the International Space Station,…

6 months ago

Germany is Building a Tiny Rover That Will Roam the Surface of Phobos

Japan's Martian Moons eXploration (MMX) will include a Phobos exploration rover provided by the French and German space agencies.

1 year ago

JAXA’s Ambitious Mission to Phobos Will Even Have European-Built Rover

Japan and Germany have a history of collaboration in scientific and technological endeavours. The countries have a Joint Committee on…

2 years ago

Germany’s Space Agency Cancels all its Projects With Russia. They Even Turned off an Instrument on a Russian Space Telescope

Germany is flexing its muscles. The German government recently announced a massive increase in military spending to counter Russian military…

2 years ago

InSight’s ‘Mole’ is Now Completely buried!

It's been a long road for InSight's Mole. InSight landed on Mars almost two years ago, in November 2018. While…

4 years ago

Testing the Rover That’ll Land on Phobos

Rovers seem to be proliferating all over Mars.  There are currently 4 on the surface, and another (Perseverance) will be…

4 years ago

InSight’s Mole Is In!

The InSight lander is making progress on Mars. After many months of struggle and careful adaptation, the InSight lander's 'Mole'…

4 years ago

Although InSight’s Mole is Completely Buried, it Might be Stuck Again

You've gotta hand it to NASA, and to the German Aerospace Center (DLR.) They've been struggling for over a year…

4 years ago

Finally! Mars InSight’s Mole is Now Underground

It looks like the InSight Lander's Mole instrument is making some progress. After months of perseverance, the team operating the…

4 years ago

Finally! InSight’s Mole is Making Slow and Steady Progress

Personnel at NASA and the DLR have been working for months to get InSight's Mole working. They're at a disadvantage,…

4 years ago