dark matter halo

Mapping the Milky Way’s Dark Matter Halo

Anytime astronomers talk of mapping the Milky Way I am always reminded how tricky the study of the Universe can…

7 days ago

The Milky Way’s History is Written in Streams of Stars

The Milky Way is ancient and massive, a collection of hundreds of billions of stars, some dating back to the…

3 months ago

The Milky Way’s Smallest, Faintest Satellite Galaxy Found

The Milky Way has many satellite galaxies, most notably the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds. They're both visible to the…

4 months ago

This New Map of 1.3 Million Quasars Is A Powerful Tool

Quasars are the brightest objects in the Universe. The most powerful ones are thousands of times more luminous than entire…

4 months ago

The Milky Way's Disk is Warped. Is That Because our Dark Matter Halo is Tilted?

Astronomers have measured the Milky Way's shape and found that the disk is warped and not a flat spiral like…

10 months ago

A Massive Galaxy With Almost No Dark Matter

Astronomers have found a massive galaxy that contains little to no Dark Matter, something that doesn't fit with current cosmological…

12 months ago

Gravitational Lensing is Helping to Nail Down Dark Matter

Using gravitational lenses, a team of astronomers showed how axions could be the particle that makes up Dark Matter.

1 year ago

Missing Mass? Not on our Watch—Dr. Paul Sutter Explains Dark Matter

In the first episode of a new series with ArsTechnica - Edge of Knowledge - Dr. Paul Sutter explains the…

2 years ago

How did Supermassive Black Holes Form? Collapsing Dark Matter Halos can Explain Them

We don't quite understand how the first supermassive black holes formed so quickly in the young universe. So a team…

3 years ago

New All-Sky Map of the Milky Way’s Galactic Halo

The outer reaches of the Milky Way galaxy are a different place.  Stars are much harder to come by, with…

3 years ago