crab nebula

The Crab Nebula Looks Completely Different in X-Rays, Revealing its Magnetic Fields

An international team of astronomers has created the most accurate map to date of the Crab Nebula's magnetic field, revealing…

1 year ago

Astronomers Find a Brand new Pulsar That's Probably Less Than 14 Years old

Astronomers have discovered a neutron star so young it's barely a teenager.

2 years ago

The Crab Nebula Seen in 3-Dimensions

The Crab Nebula is arguably one of the most famous objects in the night sky.  It was delineated as M1…

3 years ago

Gamma Rays Detected Coming From the Crab Nebula

Most people with any interest in astronomy know about the Crab Nebula. It's a supernova remnant in the constellation Taurus,…

4 years ago

Stunning View of the Crab Nebula Just Got Five Times Better

Images of the Crab Nebula are always a treat because it has such intriguing and varied structure. Also, just knowing…

7 years ago

Messier 1 (M1) – The Crab Nebula

The Crab Nebula, or Messier 1 (M1) is a supernova remnant left over when a massive star detonated in 1054…

8 years ago

Spin! Crab Pulsar Speed Jumps Linked To Billions Of Tiny Vortices

Pulsars -- those supernova leftovers that are incredibly dense and spin very fast -- may change their speed due to…

10 years ago

Virtual Star Party – January 26, 2014: Our Missed Supernova!

Hosts: Fraser Cain and Scott Lewis (@baldastronomer) Astronomers: Stuart Foreman, Bill McLaughlin Commentary: Tom Nathe, David Dickinson (@astroguyz) (more…)

10 years ago

Virtual Star Party – January 5, 2014: Jupiter in Opposition and 6 Telescopes!

Hosts: Fraser Cain and Scott Lewis Astronomers: David Dickinson in Florida Michael Phillips in North Carolina Bill McLaughlin in Oregon…

10 years ago

Argon – The First Noble Gas Molecules Discovered In Space

There are only six of them: radon, helium, neon, krypton, xenon and the first molecules to be discovered in space…

10 years ago