colonizing Mars

Space and Sustainability: How the Lessons of Biosphere 2 Inspired SAM²

Guided by the lessons of Biosphere 2 experiments, a team of experts is launching the Space Analog for the Moon…

3 years ago

Chitin Could be the Perfect Building Material on Mars

It's hard to deny that we're heading for a future with a human presence on Mars. But to develop sustained…

3 years ago

Learning to Live Sustainably on the Red Planet: Habitat Mars

As the only Mars analog environment in the Southern hemisphere, Habitat Marte is conducting research that will allow humans to…

3 years ago

Ideas for Sustainable Cities and Urban Farming… on Mars?

The annual Mars City Design Challenge is looking for new and innovative ideas for how humans could live sustainably on…

3 years ago

Want To Explore Mars? Send Humans To The Moons Of Mars First: Phobos And Deimos

Humans to Mars. That’s the plan right? The problem is that sending humans down to the surface of Mars is…

4 years ago

Five Teams Compete to Design a 3D Printed Mars Habitat for NASA

As part of their 3D-Printed Habitat Centennial Challenge, NASA recently awarded five teams with a total of $100,000 for their…

5 years ago

How Bad is the Radiation on Mars?

Due to the lack of a magnetosphere and its very thin atmosphere, the surface of Mars is exposed to a…

7 years ago

Good News, Martian Colonists Can Eat All the Radishes They Want

Based on recent experiments led by a Dutch research team and MarsOne, we now know which crops can be grown…

7 years ago

Musk Says Hyperloop Could Work On Mars… Maybe Even Better!

During the awards ceremony for the Hyperloop Pod Competition, Elon Musk commented on the possibility of Hyperloop on Mars

8 years ago

How Can We Live on Mars?

It is possible that humanity might one day live on Mars, but it would be quite the challenge. So what…

8 years ago