Chinese National Space Agency

China Launches Mengtian, the Last Major Module to its Space Station

China's Tiangong space station just received its final module, the Mengtian laboratory, making it complete,

3 months ago

Chinese Rover Finds Translucent Glass Globules on the Moon

Scientists say China’s Yutu-2 rover, part of the Chang’E-4 mission, has found several small glass globules on the Moon’s far…

11 months ago

China is Building a Floating Spaceport for Rocket Launches

China is almost finished its floating spaceport in the Yellow Sea, which will begin making regular launches and servicing rockets…

2 years ago

China’s Mars Rover Launches in Late July

In July there's another launch window to Mars. It looks like China is ready to take advantage of it, by…

3 years ago

China’s New Crew Capsule Just Landed, and so Did Parts of their New Rocket!

China's next-generation crewed spacecraft recently returned to Earth after a successful test flight. The Long March 5B rocket that sent…

3 years ago

Chang’e-4 Lander and its Rover Have Turned up new Mysteries on the Moon’s far side. The Moon’s Mantle Blasted Onto the Surface?

China's Chang'e-4 lunar mission recently gathered data that suggests that the impact that created the largest impact crater on the…

4 years ago

There’s Life on the Moon! China’s Lander Just Sprouted the First Plants

The Chang'e-4 mission accomplished another first by being the first mission to grow plant life on the Moon. Unfortunately, the…

4 years ago

China is Working on a Rocket as Powerful as the Saturn V, Could Launch by 2030

As part of their goal to conduct a crewed mission to the Moon, China is busy developing the Long March…

5 years ago

China Says it Still has Control Over Tiangong-1 and Can Decide Where It’ll Crash

According to a recent statement by a top engineer from the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, China is still…

5 years ago

Europe & China Discuss Moonbase Partnership

The ESA and Chinese National Space Agency have announced their plans to create a "Moon Village" on the lunar surface…

6 years ago