asteroid mining

A Mission To Find 10 Million Near Earth Asteroids Every Year

So far, scientists have found around 34,000 near-Earth asteroids (NEAs) that could serve as humanity's stepping stone to the stars.…

4 days ago

Can We Find the Heaviest Elements in Asteroids?

Uranium is the heaviest element found in large amounts on Earth, with an atomic number of 92. Although heavier elements…

8 months ago

Want to be an asteroid miner? There’s a database for that.

Asteroid mining is slowly but surely coming closer to reality. Many start-ups and governmental agencies alike are getting in on…

1 year ago

Are Chemical Rockets or Solar Sails Better to Return Resources from Asteroids?

If and when we ever get an asteroid mining industry off the ground, one of the most important decisions to…

1 year ago

What Would Asteroid Mining do to the World's Economy?

A new study by a team of Chinese researchers examines the impact asteroid mining with have on global equity.

2 years ago

Two Spacecraft Could Work Together to Capture an Asteroid and Bring it Close to Earth for Mining

Humanity seems destined to expand into the Solar System. What exactly that looks like, and how difficult and tumultuous the…

2 years ago

Want to Mine the Moon? Here’s a Detailed Map of all its Minerals

The USGS' Astrogeology Science Center has released a complete mineral map of the Moon, which the lunar mining crowd is…

4 years ago

Trump Signs an Executive Order Allowing Mining the Moon and Asteroids

The Trump administration just signed an executive order that has given the green light to asteroid and lunar mining and…

4 years ago

Who Wants to be a Trillionaire? Mission to Psyche Could Uncover Tons of Precious Metals!

NASA's Psyche mission is sure to find some interesting things when it explores a metal asteroid, like quadrillions of dollars…

5 years ago

Robotic asteroid mining spacecraft wins a grant from NASA

This year, the NASA's NIAC Program is looking at some really interesting ideas - such as a water-powered, laser-shooting, asteroid-mining…

5 years ago