Apollo Moon Rocks

The Moon has a Solid Core Like the Earth

A new study by a team of French researchers has confirmed that the Moon has a solid inner core.

1 year ago

The Moon had Volcanoes More Recently Than Previously Believed

Recent analysis of the samples returned by the Chang'e-5 mission reveal that volcanic activity on the Moon lasted longer than…

2 years ago

Did the Moon Ever Have a Magnetosphere?

New research led by Rochester University has shown the Moon had a short-lived magnetosphere, which has implications for future lunar…

3 years ago

New Study Shows the Earth and Moon are not so Similar After All

A new study shows that Earth and the Moon are not as similar as we thought, which helps resolve a…

4 years ago

New Study Says Moon’s Magnetic Field Existed 1 Billion Years Longer Than We Thought

A new study by researchers from MIT has cast doubt on when the Moon lost its magnetic field, indicating that…

7 years ago

Dynamo At Moon’s Heart Once Powered Magnetic Field Equal To Earth’s

A new study produced by the ARES division provides an explanation for how the Moon was able to generate its…

7 years ago

The Moon is Older than We Thought, says New Study

According to a new study from UCLA which conducted uranium-lead dating on Moon rocks, the Moon is older than previously…

8 years ago

Scientists Identify the Source of the Moon’s Water

Using lunar samples from the Apollo missions, scientists have determined that the majority of water inside the Moon was delivered…

8 years ago

NASA Nabs Grandma for Trying to Sell Moon Rock

[/caption] A 74-year-old grandmother was taken into custody after a NASA sting operation to recover a small shard of a…

13 years ago

Graphite ‘Whiskers’ Found in Apollo Moon Rocks

[/caption] Long-held secrets continue to be unlocked from the Moon. Researchers taking a new look at a rock brought back…

14 years ago