active galactic nuclei

The JWST is Re-Writing Astronomy Textbooks

When the James Webb Space Telescope was launched at the end of 2021, we expected stunning images and illuminating scientific…

1 week ago

There’s Another, More Boring Explanation for those Dyson Sphere Candidate Stars

Dyson Spheres have been a tantalising digression in the hunt for alien intelligence. Just recently seven stars have been identified…

2 weeks ago

Black Holes Can Halt Star Formation in Massive Galaxies

It’s difficult to actually visualise a universe that is changing. Things tend to happen at snails pace albeit with the…

2 months ago

Even Early Galaxies Grew Hand-in-Hand With Their Supermassive Black Holes

Almost every galaxy in the local Universe seems to contain a supermassive black hole. There's a direct relationship between the…

5 months ago

Sometimes Compact Galaxies Hide Their Black Holes

Quasars, short for quasi-stellar objects, are one of the most powerful and luminous classes of objects in our Universe. A…

7 months ago

The Early Universe Should Be Awash in Active Galaxies, but JWST Isn't Finding Them

Astronomers have found supermassive black holes in the centers of most galaxies. To get the black holes we see today,…

10 months ago

eROSITA Sees Changes in the Most Powerful Quasar

An international team of astronomers observed the quasar J1114 in the X-ray band for the first time, revealing things about…

1 year ago

Advanced Life Should Have Already Peaked Billions of Years Ago

Did humanity miss the party? Are SETI, the Drake Equation, and the Fermi Paradox all just artifacts of our ignorance…

1 year ago

Dust is Hiding how Powerful Quasars Really are

A new study has found that Active Galactic Nuclei are much brighter and similar to one another than previously thought.

1 year ago

Webb’s New Image Reveals a Galaxy Awash in Star Formation

When a spiral galaxy presents itself just right, observations reveal more detail. That's the case with NGC 7469, a spiral…

1 year ago