accretion disks

Astronomers Have a New Way to Find Exoplanets in Cataclysmic Binary Systems

Have you heard of LU Camelopardalis, QZ Serpentis, V1007 Herculis and BK Lyncis? No, they're not members of a boy…

7 months ago

A Star Passed too Close and Tore Out a Chunk of a Protoplanetary Disk

When it comes to observing protoplanetary disks, the Atacama Large Millimetre/sub-millimetre Array (ALMA) is probably the champion. ALMA was the…

1 year ago

Black Hole Simulation Solves a Mystery About Their Accretion Disks

A new study by an international team of astrophysicists have validated an age-old theory about how accretion disks behave.

4 years ago

Astronomy Without A Telescope – Blazar Jets

[/caption] Polar jets are often found around objects with spinning accretion disks – anything from newly forming stars to ageing…

12 years ago

Caught in the Act! Merging Galaxies Create a Binary Quasar

[/caption] Excellent teamwork by astronomers working in two different wavebands – x-ray and optical - has led to the discovery…

13 years ago

The Shrinking Doughnut Around a Black Hole

[/caption] Homer Simpson would be sad: recent observations of the binary system of a black hole and its companion star…

13 years ago