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Amazing New Views of Betelgeuse Courtesy of ALMA

An angry monster lurks in the shoulder of the Hunter. We're talking about the Red Giant star Betelgeuse, Alpha Orionis…

2 years ago

It’s Been Three Years Since We’ve Had a Supernova This Close

Earlier this month, amateur astronomer Patrick Wiggins spotted a type II supernova, which happened to be the closest to our…

3 years ago

New Estimate Puts the Supernova Killzone Within 50 Light-Years of Earth

A new paper on supernovae and the effects on Earth increases the so-called "Supernova Kill-Zone" to 50 light years.

3 years ago

Stunning View of the Crab Nebula Just Got Five Times Better

Images of the Crab Nebula are always a treat because it has such intriguing and varied structure. Also, just knowing…

3 years ago

Watch Stars Orbit The Milky Way’s Supermassive Black Hole

Watch several dozen stars in the center of our galaxy circle a massive, black "nothing."

3 years ago

Supernova Blast Wave Still Visible After 30 Years

30 years ago today, a supernova explosion was spotted in the southern hemisphere skies. The exploding star was located in…

3 years ago

Chance Discovery Of A Three Hour Old Supernova

Astronomers get a rare opportunity to observe the first hours of a supernova's collapse.

3 years ago

A New Prototype Telescope Proves Itself Worthy

The ASTRI telescope - a prototype for a new type of gamma-ray telescope located on Mount Etna, Siciliy - just…

3 years ago

Stellar Ghosts: Understanding Our Origins

Our sky is blanketed in a sea of stellar ghosts; all potential phantoms that have been dead for millions of…

3 years ago

Have We Really Just Seen The Birth Of A Black Hole?

According to a recent study by a team from Ohio State University, astronomers may have witnessed the formation of a…

3 years ago