Curiosity Finds Organic Molecules That Could Have Been Produced by Life on Mars

What do coal, crude oil, and truffles have in common? Go ahead. We'll wait. The answer is thiophenes, a molecule…

1 year ago

Confirmed. Fossils That Formed 3.5 billion Years Ago, Really are Fossils. The Oldest Evidence of Life Found So Far

The title of Earth's Earliest Life has been returned to the fossils in the Pilbara region of Australia. The Pilbara…

2 years ago

Searching For The Red Edge: How The Earth’s Forests Are Telling The Aliens Where We Live

People are always worried that alien civilizations will detect the transmissions from our old radio shows and television broadcasts, and…

2 years ago

Language in the Cosmos II: Hello There GJ273b

The ‘Language in the Cosmos’ symposium Three times in October, 2017 researchers turned a powerful radar telescope near Tromsø, Norway…

3 years ago

Language in the Cosmos I: Is Universal Grammar Really Universal?

Is there any way we can hope to communicate with aliens? Will they have a concept of language as we…

3 years ago

Why Finding Alien Life Would Be Bad. The Great Filter

Kurzgesagt just released a new video all about the Great Filter. It's great, and it's unsettling.

3 years ago

What’ll It Take to Find Life? Searching the Universe for Biosignatures

When astronomers scan the atmospheres of other worlds, they’ll be looking for gases to confirm that yes, indeed, there’s life…

3 years ago

Researchers Develop a New Low Cost/Low Weight Method of Searching for Life on Mars

Researchers at McGill University are developing what they call the Life Detection Platform, a compact, robotic, energy-efficient system for detecting…

3 years ago

No, NASA (Still) Has Not Discovered Proof of Alien Life

It seems that every few months or so, breathless claims surface on the internet that NASA is about to make…

4 years ago

Where Should We Look For Ancient Civilizations in the Solar System?

While we're searching the Universe for evidence of life, we should consider places in our own Solar System where ancient…

4 years ago