Stunning Compilation of the Solar Dynamic Observatory’s Observations

Article Updated: 23 Dec , 2015

Three years ago today, (February 11, 2010) I was standing at Kennedy Space Center watching the launch of the Solar Dynamics Observatory. The launch was spectacular, and included a unique effect as the Atlas rocket flew close to a sundog just as the spacecraft reached Max-Q, creating a ripple effect around the spacecraft. And so, SDO started off with a bang and she’s been producing incredible data ever since. The folks at Goddard Spaceflight Center’s Scientific Visualiation Studio have put together a highlight reel for the third year of SDO operations. You’ll see morphing sunspots, fountains of solar plasma, sun-grazing comets and more. Throughout its mission, SDO has not only studied the Sun, but also opened up several new, unexpected doors to scientific inquiry. Enjoy this “greatest hits” video of SDO’s third year.

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  1. Aqua4U says:

    VERY nice! Legacy time…

  2. Rick Holcomb says:

    Very nice. But I wish there was some indication of how much time compression was used.

  3. Donald Kines says:

    Anyone know what the music is on that video?

  4. Star Porn! SDO is quickly rising on my favorite probe list!

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