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  1. I think a better explanation is that presented by Mitchell and Webb, the British comedy duo

    1. hes debunks hte lesser issues but leaves one fact out
      the van allen radiation blets would ahve killed any human with 1969 tech traveling through them
      and a trip back you say? and no astronauts get sick or have any radiation issues
      HA i call total foul …oh yes they got to low earth orbit under those belts
      then used automation to send one aorund hte moon and take pics and talk to people form orbit then redocked and went home…
      then they jsut fired one at the moon to leave there so anyone watching can see it, should they ever go themselves.
      OH and those lovely hi res pics what a joke turn the hubble at the moon and really lets have a look and lets see foot prints on the moon
      nope they dont want to do that considering they actually have a dozen or more hubbles in orbit pointed at earth spying on you all….

    1. google van allen radiation belts
      tell me how back then these people through and back would not get radiation sickness and die?

    1. It’s not just a matter of ‘speaking up.’ At the height of the Cold War, it would have been the greatest propaganda coup of all time, if we were faking it, and they could prove it. They had every reason in the world to expose such a thing.

      But they never so much as hinted that it was not what it seemed.

      Yet Conspiracy Theorists would have us believe that they can find something, that the resources of the KGB could not…

    2. no man the ruskies were in on it man! wake up man it’s a world wide conspiracy man! a plot to increase sales of tin foil man! use your Roddy Piper magic space alien sunglasses man THEY LIVE MAN!! IT’S EVERYWHERE MAN! THEY SPREAD THE LIE THROUGH MORGELLONS MAN!

    3. seriously though? that is the best response ever Kevin. Not just the Russians but any other governments monitoring the feed would have spilled the beans if the signal wasn’t from the moon

    4. easy they did goto the moon not with people dropping off a lander so the russians can see its there is not proof …and like he admits DVDR NTSC tech in mission right after the first at 29.97 frames when tv broadcasts are only 10 frames?
      that wuld mean that h263 type stuff was , or maybe on the go already
      and you realize that h264 i could make a ten frames per sec movie and put like 250 – 300 hrs of video onto a single bluray sized disc
      or 100 megabytes in size at a resolution 3 times that of todays SD tvs
      you could drop that to 50 or 30 megabytes for tvs back then
      in 1989 they had for our school a 10 megabyte hard disc and ….nvm 20 billion budget no really i could have faked it with the tech and minds back then YOU BET
      one reason i htnk it wasnt faked is that no one can on such a big project can keep such stuff secret. ALSO same with groom lake its jsut a aerospace testing ground for experiments and it was use din cold war to fool the russians

      NOW the foo fighters seenin 1944 those are making a comeback in my town orange lights and i saw them in daylight house sized silver balls with a spec a black at the front …zipping at incredible speeds in a circle around the area making the clouds go circlular..are they aliens NO. just left over nazi tech.

  2. The moon landings are presented as mankinds greatest adventure , but the fact is that if we wanted to and threw a trillion dollars into the project , we could send people to almost anywhere in the Solar System , even mercury or Jupiter.
    The technology is already in place , all we need is the commitment and funds and you could have a man on Mars within a decade. Hope Elon Musk succeeds in his quest to send 80,000 people to Mars, that’s the kind of vision we need !

    1. Well, we *could* spend a trillion dollars on sending a human to Mercury, but I think we have far less expensive and more efficient ways of baking people at 400 C while also bombarding them with lethal levels of radiation spanning the spectrum from Ultraviolet to Gamma rays.

      Mars, at least, doesn’t get quite *as much* ionizing radiation.

      1. the fact is a trip even today through the van allen radiation belt is nearly lethal
        so back then it would have been ….
        explain to me how they survived wihtout any of them getitng cancer and dying
        no really
        thats one aspect i do think they went to low earth orbit and then automated the sending of an orbiter then one landing on the moon.
        a trip to mars with todays tech is a one way trip ….for this very reason

      2. Read up on http://www.universetoday.com/98707/water-ice-and-organics-found-at-mercurys-north-pole/

        There is conclusive evidence of water present in Mercury’s North pole . And that area around the pole is permanently a dark spot , the temperate would be a balmy -100C or so . Also just move a few km away and you have LOADS of solar power. All you need is a few Solar panels , which would churn out megawatts of power so near the Sun.

        What you have are the two most important things available in almost unlimited quantities – 24/7 Energy and ice which you melt to get water and split to get Oxygen to breathe.

  3. It is great to have the reverse perspective – not debunking the ‘it must be fake’ but debunking that it could be a fake. If only we could put as much effort into fixing the world energy crisis via fusion as we did into sending people to the moon!

    1. You do understand that space exploration has lead to the development of many extremely important technologies we use every day, right? Discovery doesn’t work the way you seem to think it works.

    2. Are you sure that we haven’t?

      Besides, it was easy to see manned space mission progress toward that goal. Fusion? Not so obvious to outside observers…

    3. “…fixing the world energy crisis….” would be far simpler than faking a moon landing!

      The bottom line is that we have to stop _believing_ in the ‘energy crisis’. This is a LIE we’ve all been sold and have bought in to! I say take the profit made by ‘mega-oil’ for one year and invest it alternative energies and education. The biggest incentive for re-investment is to create new markets! STOP gov’t subsidies for oil companies! We’ve been ‘riding a dinosaur’ for far too long, and we KNOW how that turns out!

  4. Obviously a deep thinker. May not agree with all he proposes in other films, but he obviously thought this through and I’ll have to take his word for the photography… Although he should have demonstrated the “moon walking’ hops in real time in order to replay it back at conspiratorial speed…

    1. look up the van allen radiation belts guy….they are one reason the shuttle never went into higher orbit nor are satalites above that…

      now think that tin can they sent them up in , not only going through it once but returning?
      ya ok….thats my one problem no one ever talks about no astronauts having radiation sickness….and why all a sudden am i being censored?

  5. A ‘tad’ political but…. I was talking to a young man the other day and this very subject came up. He talked about the flag flutter and I tried to explain why it looked like that…and it hit me. If I were Stanley Kubrick, or who ever, and I’m faking the part where Neil plants the flag and I saw that flutter I’D DO SOMETHNG ABOUT IT! Here I am, filming (faking) one of the most iconic images of mankind. I just got him stepping off the lander and that looked great. I managed to slow down the film and get that ‘hippity hop’ perfect when they did the moon dance. Okay. Time for the flag plant. Take One. Wait! Did you see that? The effing flag is blowing around! Are you kidding me? Okay, let’s think about this. Let’s get special effects in here right now! Who was the dimhsit who was in charge of the flag? Maybe we make the material heavier, add lead or something but WE CAN’T HAVE THAT FLAG FLUTTER. They’d know it was fake, wouldn’t they?

  6. It’s appalling that so many people believe the moon landings were faked because of an assinine Fox TV “documentary” (it’s a “documentary” in the same sense as any Michael Moore production).

    The answer to this is to think logically. The astronauts were the best and brightest test pilots of the time. The Apollo program is the A-1 marquis assignment of their careers and they know it. Any of them will tell you that their entire lives have led up to that moment of stepping on the lunar surface. If they got into the program just to find out that it was all a fake and they weren’t really going to the moon, don’t you think they’d be just a tad ticked-off about it? How could they NOT go public? It’s like being told that you’ve won a vacation to the finest resort in the Swiss Alps but the plane lands in New Jersey. They’d move heaven and earth to make the US Govt. accountable for this appalling lie.

    The countering argument is that the astronauts were frightened into silence by being told that their families would be murdered if they talked. That’s ridiculous, too. All the astronauts would have to do is draft a letter stating it’s all fake, send it to every news outlet in the country, then call a press conference saying, “Here we are stating it’s all a fake. OK, govt., come kill us and our families now.” It’s not like the govt. could carry out the threat after the scandal of the century is out of the bag. The entire space program would be DONE at that point.

    It’s not possible to issue a threat that would guarantee their silence for the rest of their lives. No cash payout could ever make up for the sting of finding out it’s all fake and having to go home to their kids, look into their bright little eyes, and tell them that they really did this.

    We can debate shadows, rocket plumes, and flag flapping all day. The fact is, the moon hoax does not make sense logically.

    1. so with what we know about the van allen radiation belts being extreme hazards to humans ….and that even in low earth orbit astronauts are getting zinged buy particles that make there eyes go wild , your saying that these people went all the way up there and back and suffer no cancer….thats the one thing i have serious issue with…the one thing they cant fake is more proof they actually went into low earth orbit and sent off a lam to the moon ….

      1. And after finding out it was all a fake, none of them would’ve been upset enough to say something about it? Right. It’s like getting hired to develop really cool groundbreaking software, accepting the job, and coming in to work to find out that you’ll be designing flair pins.

        Get it through your head, dude. Somebody would’ve talked.

  7. Really? Why do you bother? You could debunk this (or any other) conspiracy theory a thousand times over and it would never convince the conspiracy theorists. They’re trapped in a world of confirmation bias because they want to *believe*, really, really badly.

    It’s been done. Again and again and again. There’s nothing new here. Move along.

  8. A) he admits that in 1970’s they were using effectivly 29 frames a sec or DVDR tech
    ALSO with a 20 billion dollar budget could you build all this YOU FRAKING BET in fact for a few billion …..
    B) i agree they prolly went but some aspects they may have faked to save money later on.

    1. If you read stuff outside of conspiracy websites you’d see that the van allen radiation belts have been studied and discussed quite a bit. The impact of the belts were taken into account for human missions. From the wiki page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Van_Allen_radiation_belt

      – “The Apollo missions marked the first event where humans traveled through the Van Allen belts, which was one of several radiation hazards known by mission planners. The astronauts had low exposure in the Van Allen belts due to the short period of time spent flying through them.”

      – “In fact, the astronauts’ overall exposure was dominated by solar particles once outside the earth’s magnetic field. The total radiation received by the astronauts varied from mission to mission but was measured to be between 0.16 and 1.14 rads (1.6 and 11.4 mGy), much less than the standard of 5 rem (50 mSv) per year set by the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission for people who work with radioactivity.[23]”

      The issue of radiation is one of total exposure. Have you ever had an x-ray? Did it kill you? The human body can recover quite easily from small doses of radiation. And the Apollo astronauts received low doses from the belts. And I believe one of the Apollo 13 astronauts did die of cancer but that’s difficult to blame pin that on the belts.

      The idea that the van allen belts are somehow a death trap for astronauts is an old conspiracy theory talking point which has been debunked a long long time ago even before the Apollo astronauts crossed it.

      I hope this answers your confusion about the van allen belts.

  9. The fake moon landing conspiracy was cooked by a CIA agent on behalf of the CIA to distract conspiracy theorists from the really big conspiracy to cover up alien visitations to Earth.

  10. One thing worth looking into is can you accurately emulate walking on the moon simply by slowing down a video of someone walking on earth?

  11. The arguments boil down to it not being possible because of the technology. They could not have recorded it.

    What about the missing Apollo 11 Video Tapes? If they’re missing they must have existed. The other tapes still do exist. They have been remastered more than once.

    NASA recorded all of the A11 TV Video on Slow Scan Tape.

    Obviously it could have been recorded and played back again.

  12. Here’s an interesting video where math is applied to various movements from video from the moon.

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