Stunning Timelapse of Earth and Sky — Volume 3

Article written: 17 Jan , 2013
Updated: 4 Jan , 2016

I’ve been waiting for this! We’ve featured previous timelapse videos by Dustin Farrell, and here is part three of his “Landscapes” video series showing stunning views of Earth and sky. This is really gorgeous. Watching in HD with a big screen is recommended.

On Vimeo, Dustin writes that this is the final volume in this series, at least for a while. “I hope you have enjoyed my work on this series over the last three years,” he wrote. “It has been an amazing ride full of amazing experiences. I plan to continue shooting landscapes timelapses but putting together videos of this magnitude will be difficult to continue on a regular basis.”

Sounds like maybe he’s moving on to bigger and better things, and he’s also got a new website where his new work will be showcased.

Here’s where you can see Part 1 and Part 2.

Landscapes: Volume 3 from Dustin Farrell on Vimeo.

Nancy Atkinson is currently Universe Today’s Contributing Editor. Previously she served as UT’s Senior Editor and lead writer, and has worked with Astronomy Cast and 365 Days of Astronomy. Nancy is the author of the new book “Incredible Stories from Space: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Missions Changing Our View of the Cosmos.” She is also a NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador.

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