Stunning Timelapse Video of Earth and Sky

The Bad Astronomer posted a time-lapse video today which is wonderful, and you should go watch it, but I’m going to counter with another incredible time-lapse that might be even better (in my opinion! — and as suggested by Daniel Fischer on Twitter). This one was created by photographer Dustin Farrell, and shows a year’s compilation of his time lapse work. “All shot on the Canon 5D2 and processed in Adobe After Effects,” Farrell writes on his Vimeo page. “The majority of the shots are in my beautiful home state of Arizona. Goblin Valley State Park and Natural Bridges National Monument in Utah also make an appearance,” — as do NASA’s new electric rovers. Check out Farrell’s company’s website, CrewWest, Inc.

Just amazing.

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  1. This is wonderful work too…I think they are both amazing to watch, but I think I like Tom’s choice of music better. Personal preference I suppose!

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