Today’s Solstice Sun

This beautiful image from the Solar Dynamics Observatory provides a view of our Sun on the solstice (winter solstice for the northern hemisphere and summer solstice for the southern hemisphere,) at 11:12 UTC, December 21, 2012. No killer solar flares, no apocalypse, just pure beauty and the life-giving light and warmth from Old Sol.

Happy solstice to all!

Via @Camilla_SDO

3 Replies to “Today’s Solstice Sun”

  1. I just happened to come across these comments by anonymous here…..

    Maybe you are troubling someone out there….. I happened to talk to them…..

    and we did spend few weeks with them in person to verify their claims…..

    But that leaves a question unanswered…. are those live feeds of soho satellites real ?…. if they are real…. then they too are real people…..

    If people are stars…. then who is the sun ?….

  2. So we have a massive equatorial slow wind from a null, one of thousands, generating a dense web –streamer built—of cosmic radiation that is stronger than a fast polar emission, that may or may not be caught by a fast wind higher up and sent on an altered path from a science predicted one whose altered path may yet be changed by planetary activity or by the leaky magnetosphere. Santa sure has to keep up to date with spaceweatherdotcom.

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