Pale Blue Dot: an Animated Contemplation

Every now and then, someone takes Carl Sagan’s wonderful reading of his iconic “Pale Blue Dot” narrative and turns it into an animated presentation, usually combining images and video footage of space exploration and Earthly vistas to create something undeniably spellbinding (Sagan’s narratives do have a tendency to have that effect!) Artist Adam Winnik went a slightly different route, however, creating an illustrated animation to go along with Sagan’s reading for his thesis project in 2011. The result is no less poignant… check it out above.

See more of Adam’s work on his website here.

Video: Adam Winnik. Music: Hans Zimmer “You’re So Cool”

One Reply to “Pale Blue Dot: an Animated Contemplation”

  1. Overlooking a few ending lines of illustrated word, thought this was creatively done.

    The sum-total of Earth-history, and the life of Humanity, held fast in “a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam.”

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