This is Awesome: U.S. Space Team’s “Up Goer Five”

xkcd presents a Saturn V schematic using the 1,000 most used English words (

Randall Munroe at xkcd did it again, this time with an illustration of a Saturn V described using only the 1,000 — er, ten hundred — words people use most often. The result is amusing, insightful and, as always, undeniably awesome.

Check out the Saturn-sized full frame comic below.

(And remember, if the end where the fire comes out of  “starts pointing toward space you are having a bad problem and will not go to space today.”)


8 Replies to “This is Awesome: U.S. Space Team’s “Up Goer Five””

  1. I appreciate the illustration, although I don’t see the need to dumb down the descriptions with this gimmick.

    1. It’s a joke. With an impressive scientific background, based on an awesome constraint ie using only the most common words, further revealing awesomeness like “cept” and not except fall in the top 1000 words people use.

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