SDO’s Camilla the Rubber Chicken: Cure for a Common Phobia

We at Universe Today really appreciate the work that Camilla the Rubber Chicken does in her role of education and public outreach. This new video from NASA explains why many people agree that she puts a completely different spin on getting people interested in space and science. As Camilla once told us, “As you know, I not only want to educate about our Sun and space weather, but I want to inspire and show kids (and adults) how much fun science and engineering really is,” she said via email. “Team SDO’s goal has always been to encourage more girls into STEM careers,” … and to make people feel comfortable asking questions, too.

3 Replies to “SDO’s Camilla the Rubber Chicken: Cure for a Common Phobia”

  1. Everywhere you go it is ‘encouraging girls’. Heck I like girls as much as any but it is the BOYS who are falling behind, getting fewer Uni places than the girls. Remember the hoo-hah when girls were falling behind? Everyone jumped on the ‘special programs’ and
    ‘affirmative action’ bandwagon. Hey folks, it took off and is now far away and over the hills, leaving boys in the dust. When do the boys get a ride?

    1. I have to agree with you there, but there’s far too many social constructs in society – most of what are at core, flawed, that stop things like that from actually happening…
      It’s a shame, really, I’m a guy – and I’m by far, no-where-near considered ‘smart’.. It’s easy to see that girls normally get preferential treatment in such cases.

      Like – I saw a video a while ago. A woman was yelling at this guy for a small mistake – she slapped him, he ignored her – but she didn’t stop, a minute later, the poor guy snaps and he slaps her back – the woman didn’t get booked by the police for starting the argument and throwing the first punch, the guy did.
      Stuff like this happens all the time in society right now 🙁

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