Our Gorgeous, Graceful, Gradient Sun

Article written: 18 Oct , 2012

Here’s a mesmerizing video from the folks over at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center’s visualization studio showing the Sun in a whole new light… well, a reprocessed light anyway.

Using what’s called a gradient filter, images of the Sun can be adjusted to highlight the intricate details of its dynamic atmosphere. Magnetic activity that’s invisible to human vision can be brought into view, showing the powerful forces in play within the Sun’s corona and helping researchers better understand how it affects space weather. (Plus they sure are pretty!)

Compiled into a video, these images reveal the hidden beauty — and power — of our home star in action.

Video courtesy NASA/GSFC

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2 Responses

  1. SAM223 says

    Wow! Would’nt it be really cool, er, I mean hot, to have a steady “screensaver” video of this and put on a moniter inside the fireplace and have heat come from it to heat the house!!!
    Boy, now there is an idea for some inventer to make mass bucks on. And you heard it from me first. I get a percentage! Jim at starman 1000 at msn dot com.

  2. Emil Posavac says

    How about giving a sense of elapsed time as the video goes on?

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