Felix Baumgartner’s Record Breaking Jump Attempt

Part science experiment, part publicity stunt, part life-long ambition, the Red Bull Stratos mission features skydiver Felix Baumgartner attempting to break the speed of sound with his body in a record-setting freefall from the stratosphere. Watch live in the feed above. A high-tech capsule that will bring Baumgartner to 36,500 meters (120,000 feet) above Earth, via a stratospheric balloon.

Update: Success! Baumgarter did it, breaking several freefall records! Read our full story, with a full gallery of images from the jump.

8 Replies to “Felix Baumgartner’s Record Breaking Jump Attempt”

  1. Watching live youtube 1080p HD stream,just incredible.Amazing views and the best to come,good luck Felix

  2. Have been following the story since Jan!! Happy to have witnessed it live!!
    Cheers Felix!!!

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