Astrophoto: Spectacular 22-Degree Sun Halo Over Kuala Lumpur

A 22 degree Sun halo was seen in Kuala Lumpur on October 2, 2012. Credit: Shahrin Ahmad

Denizens of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia were treated to a stunning mid-day meteorological phenomenon today (October 2, 2012,) a Sun Halo. A ‘rainbow’ of sorts forms around the Sun (or the Moon, too) when the light is refracted by ice crystals from high cirrostratus clouds.

News reports said the spectacle began around 12.30pm local time, “a sight which drew gasps of wonder from office workers on their way to lunch.”

Shahrin Ahmad captured the beautiful view and sent it to Universe Today.

“This is among the cleanest view of the Halo I’ve seen so far, and created quite a buzz everywhere,” he said.

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