Comedian Stephen Colbert Talks with NASA’s John Grunsfeld About Curiosity Rover Landing

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John Grunsfeld
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NASA Chief Scientist John Grunsfeld took Stephen Colbert’s “Colbert Report” audience on a guided tour through the seven minutes of terror that the Curiosity rover will endure to land on Mars, and the two also discussed the possibility of life on Mars. Grunsfeld also shocked Colbert for a moment when he said the Curiosity rover won’t discover a thing … but then continued to say it will be the scientists who make the discoveries, and Grunsfeld predicted it will be an amazing 2 years for the MSL scientists during Curiosity’s prime mission.

Grunsfeld also mentioned that the NASA TV video feed of the landing will be broadcast live on the big screens in Times Square in New York City. For any of our readers in NYC, you can find out more information about this event here, and we’d love to hear about it if you attend!

Apologies in advance, as the above video may not be viewable in all areas of the world (or the Universe.)

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  1. You’ve really got to appreciate John Grunsfield appearing on the Colbert Repore – because Stephan’s quick wit oft stuns or stupefies guests, rendering them speechless~ Only the clever survive intact!

  2. Ha. I finally got to see Colbert’s “Whaaat!?” face! (He took it well.)

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