Brazilian Band Soars to New Heights with a NASA-Inspired Video

Article written: 21 Jul , 2012
Updated: 23 Dec , 2015

Popular Brazilian rock band Fresno recently released a new video for their new song, “Infinito”, and it really rises above the rest — literally!

It’s a story of four guys who take their childhood dream of launching a package up into space and, after years apart, come back together to make it a reality. Along the way we get to see some great views from a camera that the band members actually sent up to the edge of space via weather balloon — an accomplishment that came with its fair share of challenges.

Fresno lead member Lucas Silveira shared some behind-the-scenes info with Universe Today. “We wasted two cameras. One of them landed on a military base — exactly in the middle of a mine field — and the other simply disappeared… completely lost due to the lack of cellular signal on the landing spot.”

And even on a successful third try there were some technical difficulties.

“In our third attempt we used a different balloon, with more capacity, and it managed to fly for over 3.5 hours… but our camera only survived for around 2.5 hours. So we had to send a smaller balloon just to capture the ‘popping up’ moment, and added it to the ‘main balloon ride’ on post production.”

Still, the results — a dizzying view of Earth from 35 km up — are well worth it, and the story is an inspiring one… inspired, in fact, by NASA.

“I wrote this song after watching a video by NASA in which they zoom out from the Himalayas to the edge of the universe, showing the areas that still yet to be mapped. We are so infinitely small in the middle of all this greatness, and suddenly our problems get as tiny in our heads as our lucky existence here. It’s about searching for better days, creating a better future through proactivity and not letting others letting you down.”

When you soar that high it’s hard to feel let down.

Video courtesy of Fresno. Technical and launch assistance provided by ACRUX Aerospace Technologies. Band photo by Gustavo Vara.

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  1. Awesome! The best brazilian rock band!

  2. There is only one word to describe this: proud.

  3. Orgulho máximo de ser fã dessa banda! – Most proud of being a fan of this band!

  4. Fresno, best Brazilian band, no doubt.

  5. The best videoclip ever.

  6. Fresno into the universe o/

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  8. Really, sure is the BEST BAND OF BRAZIL! Awesome! – Fã brasileiro!

  9. Joanna Barbosa says

    Dale Fresno *o*

  10. Marcos Gouvêa says

    Amazing video

  11. HeadAroundU says

    Let’s listen to something else: Jean Michel Jarre
    Oxygene 8

    Oxygene IV

  12. The best band in Brazil, winning the world and now winning the universe!

  13. INCREDIBLE. This clip is very amazing and this rock band is very nice. Fresno!

  14. Dalhê, novo clipe da Fresno num site super conceituado da gringa!

  15. awesome. just… awesome.

  16. Proud of my idols ! Keep dreaming, never give up :))

  17. So proud of my favorite band! <3

  18. just one word can describe this feeling: proud.
    Fresno sz

  19. Fresno sucks. I bet everybody who posted here cheering for them never access this website. Please don’t ruin space thematics, pitiful shadows of musicians. These are the rare moment’s when I feel not proud of being brazilian. Universe Today fell down some notches in my like scale. BANDO DE EMO.

  20. The best band of Brazil! This videoclip is Amazing. So proud!

  21. Fresno is Best Band of Brazil

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