The Journeys of Apollo

On this 43rd anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing, here’s a documentary that NASA produced to mark the 40th anniversary, and is just now available on YouTube. It covers the full scope of the Apollo program and features interviews with many of the Apollo astronauts. If the narrator sounds eerily familiar, it is Peter Cullen from the Transformers movie. Want more information about Apollo? Visit

6 Replies to “The Journeys of Apollo”

  1. Maybe it’s just my generation but I get a chill just hearing Cullen’s voice. He could be reading a toaster instruction manual.

  2. Really. Ancient history.
    (They haven’t really done much since, no have they?)

    Julius Caesar crossing the Rubicon was far more relevant, methinks.

  3. Forgive me, but I find US-kind of documentaries unwatchable, I had to stop before it even began. Every sentence, every piece of music, every sound and every image has to say, no it has to shout “DRAMA! SUSPENSE! UNBELIEVABLE! THRILLING!” and so on. Isn’t the Moon landing exciting in itself? It’s like drowning a nice steak in tons of ketchup – a bit would have been enough, if it even was necessary in the first place.

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