Mysterious Sounds Made by the Aurora Borealis

Caption: Swirling Aurora. Image Credit: Jason Ahrns

There have been legends and folktales about sounds associated with auroae, but most accounts were summarily dismissed as imagination or illusion. But researchers in Finland set up microphones in conjunction with an aurora observation site and over the past 12 years captured a “clapping” sound that occurs at certain times when the Northern Lights are ablaze in the sky.

“In the past, researchers thought that the aurora borealis was too far away for people to hear the sounds it made,” said Unto K. Laine from Aalto University in Finland. “However, our research proves that the source of the sounds that are associated with the aurora borealis we see is likely caused by the same energetic particles from the Sun that create the northern lights far away in the sky. These particles or the geomagnetic disturbance produced by them seem to create sound much closer to the ground.”

The researchers installed three separate microphones and were able to record the sounds, which sound similar to crackles or muffled bangs which last for only a short period of time.

They then compared the recordings and determined the location of the sound source was about 70 meters (230 feet) above ground.

They made the recordings along with simultaneous measurements of the geomagnetic disturbances by the Finnish Meteorological Institute. The sounds did not always occur, but when they did, the measurements showed the aurorae were showed of a typical pattern, according the geomagnetic measurements.

The team said that it is not yet scientifically proven that the “clap” sound is related to the aurora borealis, but similar events have been detected only during times of high geomagnetic activity.

“Our research proved that, during the occurrence of the northern lights, people can hear natural auroral sounds related to what they see,” said Laine.
The sounds are quite soft, so one has to listen very carefully to hear them and to distinguish them from the ambient noise, the team said.

Details about how the auroral sounds are created are still a mystery, Laine said. The descriptions of the sounds vary from claps, to distant noise or sputter, and the So, because of these different descriptions, researchers suspect that there are may be several mechanisms behind the formation of these auroral sounds.

Find more information on these mysterious sounds on the team’s website, Auroral Acoustics

Source: Eurekalert

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  1. I’ve seen other non-conclusive research on this before, and they came to the same preliminary conclusion.

    I’ve never heard this myself. Sounds like it would be interesting:).

  2. I stayed the winter in the Northwest Territory of Canada a couple years ago and was told that sometimes they sounded like “rice crispies.” I didn’t believe it until I heard it for myself. I only heard it once but it was true. Sounded like crackling.

  3. Same for meteors.

    “Professionals” in the field state that meteors are too far up in the atmosphere for the sound waves to be created.

    Many, including myself, have heard the crackle of larger meteors break up.

  4. Sounds intriguing.

    [… aaand gopher 652003 was there before me. Note to self: read thread first, respond later.]

  5. I wonder if the phenomenon is like thunder, but less powerful. Could air simply be rapidly expanding or contracting if conditions are right?

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