Timelapse: Surprise Aurora Australis

Skywatchers in Australia were treated to unexpected beautiful views of the Aurora Australis. This timelapse is by Alex Cherney in Flinders Victroia, Australia who captured auroral views on June 19th 2012 at 00:09-02:38 AEST, in between clouds and rain. Lovely.

Check out more images of the recent Aurora Australis at Ian Musgrave’s Astroblog.

7 Replies to “Timelapse: Surprise Aurora Australis”

  1. The name of the place is Flinders. It is in the State is Victoria (not the misspell Victroia), the country is Australia.

    Flinders lies at one of the most beautiful seaside places in all of Australia. It is on the southern end of the Mornington Peninsula, being 75 kilometres (47 miles) due south of the large Victorian capital city of Melbourne. It is also across the inlet from Philip Island, and renown recreational area including car racing like the MotoGP. The image looks across Bass Strait, between Victoria and Tasmania.

    Aurorae are more frequently seen along the southern Australian continent than anywhere else, but the better places for auroral frequency are either Tasmania and New Zealand, as they do lie 5 to 10 degrees closer to the south magnetic pole or the fluctuating auroral oval.

    It is far different the than portal of an ‘unexpected’ event. The ‘average’ during this time ‘expected’ around solar maximum being about between two and several times per month.

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  3. The name of the place is Flinders. It is in the State is Victoria (not the misspelt Victroia), the country is Australia.

    Why doesn’t Universe Today even bother correct this error??

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