Active Region on the Sun Turning Toward Earth

The Solar Dynamics Observatory always provides an incredible view of our Sun, and is keeping an eye on Active Region 1504, which is turning towards Earth and has been producing several C-class solar flares and even three stronger M-class solar flares. There are also a few other Active Regions visible, 1505, 1506 and 1507. The video above starts off with a view from June 9 to 12 in the 171 angstrom wavelengths and it shows us the many coronal loops extending off of the Sun where plasma moves along magnetic field lines, then switches to the 304 angstrom view, seeing the M-class solar flares.

Even though there were no Earth-directed CME’s observed during the past few days, and upcoming solar activity is expected to be low to moderate, the NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center says all these regions are showing signs of growth, and will continued to be monitored.

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  3. I guess these agencies feel we really need the dramatic music, -that the events themselves aren’t dramatic enough.

    On a more serious note, I truly wish that we all would adopt a convention to indicate when time is sped up or slowed down. This video is obviously time-lapse, but it would be nice to know how much. What if every time a video was not normal time there appeared a little 5X or -4X in the lower corner? This would help in earthbound nature movies as well. I think it would give everyone a better appreciation for what they’re seeing. The solar flares for instance take quite a while to grow and retreat because of their vast size. Videos such as this one give one the impression that you could look at the Sun under hydrogen alpha and see all these explosions taking place before your eyes. Well of course you can, but not moving like this.

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