Family Guy Creator To Bring Back COSMOS

COSMOS. Seth MacFarlane. Neil deGrasse Tyson. Need we say more?

(If you DO want to find out more, read Dorothy Pomerantz’s write-up for Forbes here.)

“I never met Carl Sagan, but this is my way to give something back to him for all of the things he gave to me.” – Seth MacFarlane

20 Replies to “Family Guy Creator To Bring Back COSMOS”

  1. Any wonder the world is so stuffed up…

    A comedy cartoon creator has more vision then the politicians,
    bankers and economists are telling us the only way to save is to spend
    and the atheists are more ‘moral’ than the religious people.

    Good on ya seth I look forward to it. Sagan was one of the greatest people this planet has known and it is awesome to see someone continue his work. 🙂

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  2. I find it hard to understand how he has so much faith in science, yet he has no real concept of what it really is. He truly believes that science can rescue humanity, but this is just a naive, ideological fantasy. The reality is that he will die just as the rest of us, with just as much hate, envy, greed, apathy, egotism, injustice, and evil as the day he was born. This is my definition of an idiot. Although I can’t agree more with his push for a public drive for discovery and human achievement.

    1. “just as much hate, envy, greed, apathy, egotism, injustice, and evil as the day he was born”? He’s not Stewie for godsake!
      Is Seth any more naive than someone who believes in a bearded man in the sky watching our every move? I don’t under stand what you mean by “he has no real concept of what it [science] really is” I believe, in fact, he has a far better grasp of science and what it truly means than most people in the US.

      1. Amen Ted.

        The same argument was made when scientists wanted to make particle accelerators to probe the atom. It sounded like a ludicrous idea, I mean why should we be spending so much money for practically a hobby.

        Through the study of the atom we learnt about the laws of nature at the very small, we exploited these laws to make semiconductors and now they are present in anything and everything that is powered by electricity, remember, no semiconductors means so PCs, no tablets, no phones, no internet and all the other things that needs these to build them

        Endeavours into space pays for itself in terms of all the spin-off technologies that are developed, however, it also inspires people to become scientists and science is the only study that spawns new industries through the discoveries that are made in its pursuit

    2. “He truly believes that science can rescue humanity, but this is just a naive, ideological fantasy.”

      This says the guy that, has a computer to write this text on. You probably also use science based medicine and technology that saves loves. You probably also use GPS that saves lives. You probably also use a cell phone that saves lives. You probably also use weather forecast that saves lives.

    3. Oh, good! Then I can just stop even trying! I’ll just lie around waiting for death. Thanks for the enlightenment.

    4. How are you aware of his conception of “what science really is” (whatever that means)… Do you know McFarlane or something?

    5. You probably find it hard to understand because you don’t understand the difference between “faith” and science. That would be a good starting point for your new learning expedition.

  3. Awesome!!!! Neil and Seth are going to make a fantastic series. Mr Sagan I think would be honored.

  4. Accompanied by his wife Ann Druyan the late Dr. Carl Sagan is at his typical alluring best in this NBC interview promoting “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors.” What an adoring couple they made:

    The 1980 book “Cosmos” and follow-up TV series generated much public enthusiasm for scientific investigative inclination, juxtapose this with Ash Jogalekar’s recent thought-provoking article on contemporary physics’s PR problem:

  5. how do people not realise this about Seth? Family Guy is riddled with atheist agenda, it’s a large part of why i find it so funny

  6. It’s funny how some humorists/comedians are often much more grounded and intellectual than the average peoples and medias.
    It reminds me of Voltaire, turning to ridicule by irony the system of his time..

    I have in mind also Stewart, Carlin, Maher…

    1. Comedy — especially satire — requires a sharp wit and a good eye for what’s happening in the world, as well as a grounded basis for knowing what’s messed up in society and what to poke fun of. MacFarlane is a natural at that, as anyone who’s seen Family Guy knows. (What’s odd is that he’s with Fox broadcasting!)

  7. I didn’t hear Neil deGrasse Tyson mentioned. What role will he be playing in this venture? Will he be the presenter?

      1. Thanks, Al. He seems like an excellent choice, but has some big shoes to fill!

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