Beautiful Night Launch for Ariane 5

Practice your French counting skills and enjoy a beautiful night launch all in one fell swoop! An Ariane 5 rocket launched last night (May 15 at 22:13 GMT) from Europe’s Spaceport in French Guiana, sending two telecommunications satellites to space. The satellites, JCSAT-13 and Vinasat-2, were successfully and accurately injected into their transfer orbits about 26 minutes and 36 minutes after liftoff, respectively. This was the 62nd Ariane 5 launch, and the second this year. In March, an Ariane 5 rocket sent the ATV-3 “Edoardo Amaldi” to the International Space Station.

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  2. The Ariane V uses solid rocket boosters, right? So… if only 0.1% of the fuel remains after combustion, we’re still talking 1,900 pounds or so of residuals injected into the upper atmosphere… right? That’s not bad(?) considering the millions of pounds of jet fuel residue injected into the upper atmosphere every stinking day… but still a concern?

    1. I like liquid fueled boosters… reusable liquid fueled rockets that is… can you tell?

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