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Your ‘Supermoon’ Images from Around the World


We asked for ’em, and you sent ’em in: here are great images of the perigee Moon on May 5, 2012, the largest full Moon of the year taken by our readers.

The perigee Moon as seen in Opelika, Alabama USA. Credit: Jacob Marchio.
The Supermoon on a finger, as seen in Aguilas, Murcia Spain. Credit: Tapani Isomäki
An artist's view of the 'Supermoon.' Credit: Omer Sidat.
Largest Full Moon for 2012 from Dayton, Ohio USA. Credit: John Chumack.
Perigee Moon on May 5, 2012 from Altamonte Springs, Florida USA. Credit: Austin Russie.
A shy supermoon from Brick Landing, North Carolina USA. Credit: Tavi Greiner.
The supermoon from Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais, Brazil. Credit: jimctu on Flickr
Preparing for a Supermoon, on May 3, 2012 from Wauseon, Ohio. Credit: Bill Schlosser.
A lovely Moonrise at Soldier's Beach off the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia. Credit: Kerry Middlemiss
'Taken from the Marin Headlands with about 573 other photographer friends. I used my Orion ED Refractor telescope for a lens,' said photographer Ted Judah.
Supermoon over the Pacific, taken at Goblets Beach in Santa Barbara, California, USA. Credit: Jonathan Vail.
Full Super Moon rising over UC Berkeley Sather Tower Campanile and International House. Credit: Ira Serkes.
Super full Moon over Tucson, Arizona, USA. Credit: 'Sifted Reality' on Flickr.
Digiscope of the 2012 Supermoon, São Paulo, Brazil. Credit: Monica, 'MoniBR' on Flickr.
The perigee full Moon from Cocoa Beach, Florida, USA. Credit: Jamie Rich.
The perigee Moon from Toronto, Canada. Credit: Rick Ellis.
The Moon on May 6, 2012 in Mandan, North Dakota, USA. Credit: Jola Boehm

And speaking of images from ‘around the world,’ here’s one from the International Space Station:

The perigee full Moon on May 5, 2012, as seen through Earth’s atmosphere, which bends the light from the Moon, making it appear squished. Credit: Andre Kuipers/ESA/NASA

Thanks to everyone who sent in their images and posted them to our Flickr page. See more images and find more from our contributors at Universe Today’s Flickr page.

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