Timelapse: A Tribute to Sky Gazers

If you’ve fallen for the enchantment of a night out watching the stars, you’ll relate to and revere in this new timelapse video.

“This timelapse production is a tribute to all skygazers around the world who enjoy exploring the night sky with their telescopes,” said Babak Tafreshi, an astronomer, journalist and director of The World at Night (TWAN). “I’m happy to release this in April 2012 in celebration of the Global Astronomy Month, an international program of Astronomers Without Borders in partnership with world-wide astronomy centers and clubs.”

Tafreshi is creating a series of timelapse videos from Paranal, and this is his latest. This video was actually filmed in various locations including Paranal, Iran, La Palma, Austria, Germany, and Nepal. Some of the sequences are made during star parties, and observing competitions such as Messier Marathon where a large group of amateur astronomers observe the night sky together. You can see more at Tafreshi’s Vimeo page.

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  1. Fascinating video, I hope our astronomy club can make a video like that in the near future

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