Live Hangout Interview with Rover Driver Scott Maxwell

It was history in the making: Our first live interview via a Google+ Hangout On Air! We talked with Mars rover driver Scott Maxwell, and he told us about the plans for the Opportunity rover’s upcoming winter, we took a look back at the 8 years of the MER on Mars, and looked ahead to the Curiosity (MSL) rover mission, set to land in August this year. Thanks again to Scott for being a wonderful first live interviewee!

To watch these interviews live, circle Fraser and watch his feed for updates. If you’re not on Google+, you can still watch these episodes live. Today, we were able to have a live feed on the main page of Universe Today while the interview was taking place (it was on the upper right hand corner). But you can also visit the Cosmoquest Hangouts page and you’ll see them when they happen.

And I’ve got great news: Next Friday, February 17, we’ll have our second live interview with astronomer Mike Brown from Caltech. The interview will take place at 18:00 UT (1 pm EST, 12 noon CST, 10 am PST).

4 Replies to “Live Hangout Interview with Rover Driver Scott Maxwell”

  1. Great interview guys! Scott was (dare I say) perhaps on par with Phil P. on the peppiness scale! Fascinating guy. And no offence to Fraser, but I REALLY enjoyed seeing Nancy take the reigns for this interview. That format going forward (with other journalists taking the forefront per the live interviews) gets my thumb raised. I’m absolutely digging the “H.E. 2x Chopsticks” out of witnessing UT’s G+ hangouts evolve into what is sure to be groundbreaking web journalism at it’s finest! Kudos to the whole crew for your vision and as Scott Maxwell touted… Persistence!

  2. just fascinating and so exciting! can’t help but catch Scott’s enthusiasm 🙂 thank you!!

  3. What did you do to make the site faster? I noticed that since a few weeks ago, it’s no longer difficult to scroll down, the browser doesn’t freeze anymore…

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