Clear Satellite View of Earth’s Newest Island


Want to get away from it all? Here’s the newest deserted island on Earth. In late December, we reported on a volcanic eruption in the Red Sea that appeared to have created a brand new island. The eruption has now stopped and on January 15, 2012 the Advanced Land Imager on the Earth Observer-1 satellite captured a clear, cloud- and volcanic plume-free view of this newly formed land mass. The new island is part of the Zubair Islands, located about 60 kilometers (40 miles) off the coast of Yemen. The new island and its older family members poke above the sea surface, rising from a shield volcano. This region is part of the Red Sea Rift where the African and Arabian tectonic plates pull apart and new ocean crust regularly forms.

If you want to visit, just watch out for hot lava pits and almost certain future eruptions.

Source: NASA Earth Observatory

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