Fun New App: MoonWalking


Ever wish you could have been a fly on the wall of the Eagle lunar module (figuratively speaking, of course) and watched Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin take their first steps on the Moon in 1969? A fun new app called MoonWalking allows you to bring Tranquility Base down to Earth to watch history unfold in front of you. Using your iPhone or iPad as an interactive magic window into history, you can watch all the action, and even take pictures of the events with your iPhone. MoonWalking is an augmented-reality app that recreates Tranquility Base in your backyard or neighborhood park.

You can learn more about MoonWalking here, and you can download it from iTunes for only $.99. But Universe Today has codes to give away to the first two people who leave a comment to get the app for free. Remember, this is for iPhones and iPads only.

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  1. I recently read a piece concerning a recent deployment of a satellite which will assist with the landing of a module on the moon.There was much excitement about it all. My question is.since we have already landed on the moon why do we not simply redo the journey….Strange indeed.

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