Coming to an IMAX Near You (and just in time!): Space Junk 3-D

Serendipitously, at the same time we are waiting to see when and where the Russian Phobos-Grunt satellite will crash back to Earth, a new IMAX movie called “Space Junk 3-D” will open in giant screen and dome theaters. “The timing is uncanny, but we hope it will underscore the film’s intention: to raise awareness of the orbital debris issue to ensure the future of space exploration and satellite communications,” said the makers of the film.

While the animated film “Wall-E” intimated that space junk could doom our planet, this is the first movie to explore the exponentially expanding ring of debris that threatens the safety of Earth orbit. As only the magical imagery of a giant 3-D screen can do, the movie will take you soaring—from the stunning depths of Meteor Crater on Earth, to an unprecedented view of our increasingly crowded orbits, 35,400 km (22,000 miles) above Earth.

In the movie, which makes its debut this weekend in several locations, Don Kessler, the retired head of NASA’s Orbital Debris Office (who is known as the “Father of Space Junk,”) discusses the challenges we face in protecting Earth’s orbital environment for the future. At risk here is the future of space exploration and the safety of the extensive satellite network that powers our modern day communications, GPS and more.

The movie also weighs the possible solutions aimed at fixing the problem. But most impressive are the stunning 3-D images that transport the viewer above Earth, to star fields and beyond, providing a view of massive collision in space – both man-made and natural.

“We set out to recreate the most spectacular orbital debris events with scientific accuracy and mind-blowing visualization,” said Director and Producer Melissa Butts.

Check here for the latest listing of where Space Junk 3-D is showing.

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  1. Readers may be interested in “Space Safety Magazine” whose pilot issue was launched in July last year, the article content is superb by way of viewpoint and you can view the magazines published to date free at their website:

    A source for the orbital debris buff!

  2. What a piece of Junk! IMAX clips have OK special effects; seems sensationalized, and over-dramatized though ( children might have nightmares about dense streams of junk ominously swarming over their heads — lo, the sky really is beginning to fall ). A serious concern, of course.

    It seems, wherever man goes, given time, he trashes the place! Look-out Mars, here we come! No problem at Venus, though — it has its own world incinerator ( if the acid doesn’t eat it away, the fierce heat will melt it down ).

    1. Oh I’m sure we’ll find a way. One day, the Venusian winds will be blowing around an indestructible shopping bag

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