10 Replies to “Walking on the Moon is Hard”

  1. They were drinking moon sand liquor.

    The other funny thing is when Recommended For You window jumps out at you with Nancy’s pic on it. 😀 I’m like, no thanks. :DDD

  2. Nice laugh if you have a disability. My kid brother falls over all time because of his disability, but he struggles up and soldiers on. People sometimes think that it is “hilarious'” or “awesome” too, and just makes him feel lesser as a person..
    Bravest person I know. So in the end it is not very funny when you or can’t help falling over, now does it?
    Insensitive I’d call it.

    1. Dude. This isn’t a video of disabled people. This is a video of people falling down while they are on the freak’n moon. That means that these people travelled farther and faster than any other humans ever, with more engineers and scientists behind them than any other project ever, and they get their and then they can’t figure out how to stan up. Sometimes is ok to laugh. Lighten up.

    2. You are not the only one that lives with someone disabled. This clip is not about disabled people falling down.

    3. Role models can be negative and have negative influences, but where is the prize is crushing a person’s spirit? All it does is reenforce inequity. It is like the fourth or fifth wall. People just don’t get it.
      Break a leg – and laugh my head off. Charming.

  3. LOOK at the macho astronaut doing a ‘stupid human trick’! LUCKY he dint land on his tater pocket… and luckier still that no one cracked a visor! I guess… dang..

    1. Dancing on the Moon – Sci Fi short story subject:

      Dancing takes on new dimensions in the lunar dome ballroom? “I got your orbit Baby… Lets gravitationally rotate!” The lower atmospheric pressure in the dome means that _any_ Champagne doubles it’s bubbles at a ferocious rate!

  4. Some of these falls were clearly avoidable. They lucked out by not having their suit punctured or damaged or their visors cracked. I mean, just think about it. Taking such risks wouldn’t be deemed acceptable in a future moon landing operation, I hope.

  5. It is funny stuff but I am sure at the time it was anything but funny. If they had punctured the suit it would have been disastrous. I am sure in the great scheme of things in another 100-200 years these will be global bloopers that will be sure to raise a smile from kids that know everything about space.

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