Carl Sagan: The Gift of Apollo

We all could use a little Carl Sagan in our day, and this latest installment in a new video series put together by Reid Gower might be just what you need for a little inspiration! Gower puts the words of Sagan to video and music, creating a stunning tribute to both Sagan himself and the Apollo program. Gower says he is “using social media to promote scientific literacy,” and this video is part 8 of “The Sagan Series” and he’s also created a companion set of videos, “The Feynman Series,” using the words of physicist Richard Feynman.

This video is based on a chapter of Sagan’s monumental book Pale Blue Dot: A Vision of the Human Future in Space, a book that has inspired and motivated many people, including me. In this video, Sagan discusses the triumph of landing on the Moon, as well as pointing out the true political motivations for the Apollo missions, and their often overlooked benefits.

5 Replies to “Carl Sagan: The Gift of Apollo”

  1. Awesome series. This guy must be Canadian or have some Canadian connection, because in two of his Carl Sagan series videos there are shots of Toronto (one during a G20 riot in downtown Toronto and one during winter, with a shot over the pancake ice on Lake Ontario and a prominent CN tower looming over the city).

  2. I was to young to be around in the days of Cosmos and I only heard of him after his death. Yet his words inspire me more than any other person who HAS ever lived. The world should be grateful we had Carl Sagan he has inspired many leading scientists such as Brian Cox and has shown that being a science communicator has incalculable benefits to the world as a whole.

    To have a man of this caliber at the dawn of the television era where nothing like this had been done before also enhanced his profound effects. Something which we should all be grateful for.

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