Spooky, Giant Prominence Haunts the Sun


Just in time for Halloween, the Sun has been putting on some spectacular shows recently, including this ghostly-looking prominence captured by amateur astronomer Monty Leventhal from Australia. He estimates this giant pillar shot up over 158,000 km (98,000 miles) from the Sun’s surface! Monty took the image on October 26, 2011 using a Meade SC 10 inch telescope, with a Hydrogen Alpha filter and a Canon 300D camera.

Monty Leventhal is a noted amateur astronomer in Australia and his work has been recognized with several awards including a medal in the General Division of the Order of Australia, “For service to science through volunteer roles at the Sydney Observatory,” and also the Steavensen Award from the British Astronomical Association for his careful and conscientious observations of the Sun for almost two decades. Congratulations to Monty and we thank him for sharing his observations with Universe Today.

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  1. Just asking: what makes one an “amateur” astronomer? Aren’t “almost two decades” of experience observing the sun plus a medal and several awards enough to help anyone graduate from the “amateur” moniker?

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