UARS Update: Satellite Fell in Pacific Ocean

NASA has confirmed that it’s decommissioned Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite fell back to Earth on Sept. 24 between 03:23 GMT and 05:05 GMT (11:23 p.m. EDT Friday, Sept. 23 and 1:09 a.m. EDT Sept. 24.) The Joint Space Operations Center at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California said the satellite entered the atmosphere over the North Pacific Ocean, off the west coast of the United States. The precise re-entry time and location of any debris impacts are still being determined. NASA is not aware of any reports of injury or property damage.

NASA will provide more information during a media telecon at 18:00 GMT (2 p.m. ET) to discuss the re-entry.

Artist concept of the UARS Satellite in orbit. Credit: NASA

4 Replies to “UARS Update: Satellite Fell in Pacific Ocean”

  1. Guess I can put away my hardhat and gold undies now? Was hoping a chunk of that *.sat would get stuck in my roof so I could sell it on e-bay? Twas naught to be…. ~@; )

    Keep looking up anyway!

  2. There’s a video on YouTube ( purportedly showing the debris raining down around Okotoks, Canada, near Calgary. It seems feasible, as the final orbit would have passed this way, but an RCMP spokesman says t’aint so. The video shows pretty much what I would have expected, but who knows? Is the vid a hoax, or does the Mountie just not want to comb the woods?

    Over the coming days, we’ll find out . . . or not. I must say, it’s a little unsettling to see NASA so confused about the reentry time. “[B]etween 03:23 GMT and 05:05 GMT”? That’s a pretty broad window . . .

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