Meteors Sound Like Aliens!

A space radar picked up the sounds of a meteor shower as it delighted skywatchers over the weekend.

What do meteors sounds like as they hit Earth’s atmosphere? From this recording made by the U.S. Air Force Space Surveillance Radar in Texas, the “pings” from the Perseid Meteor Shower sound rather alien! The radar station in Lake Kickapoo, Texas is part of United States Strategic Command’s (USSTRATCOM), which involves detecting, tracking, cataloging and identifying artificial objects orbiting Earth, such as both active and inactive satellites, spent rocket bodies, or fragments of debris from natural and man-made objects. Reportedly, the radar can detect objects as small as 10 cm (four inches) at heights up to 30,000 km.

8 Replies to “Meteors Sound Like Aliens!”

  1. Those quick sounds are funny. It’s like a small dog. The long mysterious ones are like UFO. I can also hear Ivanman’s truck.

  2. In the good old days when radios were tuneable to the short wave frequency, you could hear, at the lowest end, the calls, shouts, squeaks, belches, farts, gruntings and whale-songs of space debris as it passed through the upper atmosphere, reflecting radio waves back to the valve or transistor-driven reciever gracing the humble living-room.

    Aaaah! Those were the days….

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