Your Perseid Images from Around — and Above — the World!


We made a wish that our readers would send in their images of the Perseid Meteor Shower, and it came true! Despite a full Moon and clouds scattered around the world, we heard from many of you that you saw — and successfully imaged — the 2011 Perseids. Many of you took advantage of Universe Today’s new Flickr group, an easy way to have readers share their astrophotos with us. Above is a colorful image of a Perseid streaking through the sky by Nahum Mendez Chazarra, in Rojales, Spain.

Below, see an image take from up above the world so high: astronaut Ron Garan on board the International Space Station captured his view looking down at a Perseid streaking through sky!

'What a shooting star looks like from space," wrote ISS astronaut Ron Garan on Twitter. Click for larger version
Faint meteor. Credit: Andrei Juravle, Timisoara, Romania. Click for larger version on Flickr

This is another Flickr submission, from Andrei Juravle, Timisoara, Romania. Click to see this image and more from Andrei.

A Chicago meteor! Taken near downtown Chicago under a nearly full moon on August 12th 2011. Credit: Janet Branson. Click through for Flickr version.

Impressive! This image was taken in the light-filled skies of Chicago, Illinois by Janet Branson.

Paul Miller from San Diego, California took the following two very nice images from Mt. Laguna:

Bright Perseid. Credit: Paul MIller, San Diego, California.
A Perseid meteor and much more! Credit: Paul MIller, San Diego, California
A Perseid meteor is caught on camera by the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope's mounted low-light Cloudcam before dawn on the morning of August 12, 2011. Still frame cropped and edited by J. Major

Here’s one from our own Jason Major — kind of! He found the Perseid streaking through the sky on footage from the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope’s mounted low-light Cloudcam, and created this image.

First meteor! Credit: Leonard Ellul Mercer, Malta, EU

How’s this for beginniner luck?! “Last night I captured my first ever Perseid image with Andromeda on its upper left,” said Leonard Ellul Mercer from Malta. “This is the first time I tried imaging meteors. Was just lucky even though there was a bright full moon overhead.”

Keep imaging, Leonard — nice shot!

Meteor, or something else? Credit: Michaela Knott.

“I took this on August 12, 2011 I’m not sure what it is,” wrote in Michaela Knott, “but I know it’s not a plane (which is what most of what shows up in my time lapse ends up being). This year I think I only saw 2 dozen or so meteors over two nights I went out looking.”

Shot with a Nikon D60, 28mm lens f2.8 10 sec exposure at the Frosty Drew Observatory in Charlestown RI, USA. “It was taken @ 9:42 EST, still pretty early in the evening,” Michaela said.

Timelapse, Perseids and stars on August 12, 2011.Credit: David Parmet. Click to see this image and more on Flickr.

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  1. I saw 6! Clouds enveloped where I live for 8 straight nights but they cleared last night. 3 were ‘bright’ like the rainbow-ish effect in the image of the bright meteor above and the other 3 were faint. It was wonderful (:

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