Yikes! Lightning Strike Near KSC Launchpad

Article written: 17 Jun , 2011
Updated: 24 Dec , 2015


That was close! A fixed camera at launchpad B at Kennedy Space Center (which is being torn down/modified) captured an amazing lightning strike earlier this week.

Hat tip to @InsideKSC on Twitter


6 Responses

  1. J. Major says

    Whoa! Intense! I bet there’s a nice fulgurite buried where that one hit, no?

  2. WaxyMary says

    It seems this camera is mounted to the diagonal lightning arrestor tower, microwave relay array bundle as we see in the background.


  3. Anonymous says

    Oh wow!! That is an awesome picture, but too close!

  4. EarthlingX says

    I almost clicked the ‘like’ button above, then i remembered this is very close to Atlantis, and well, i don’t like that :/
    Pretty picture though 🙂

  5. abhinesh kumar says

    too sensitive lol……..?

  6. Corey Simmonds says

    I’d love to get a shot like that, but of course, I don’t think I’d be willing to get that close to do it 🙂

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