Timelapse: Clouds and Plume Amid Endeavour’s Launch

Photographers David Gonzales and Mike Deep shot this footage from the Kennedy Space Center Press Site for Universe Today of the final launch of NASA’s Space Shuttle Endeavour. See the launch approximately 27 times as fast, (don’t blink — you might miss it!) and watch how the smokey plume changes over time as it is tugged on by wind and casts a changing shadow on the cloud deck below. Replayed at 15 fps.

Below, see a timelapse of the RSS retract on May 15.

Thanks again to David Gonzalez and Mike Deep for their great footage.

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  1. I had hoped for something like the trails after a missile launching at White Sands _ which are awesome in quite a different way. Would love to see a timelapse of one of those, besides the stills. The first time I saw one was at 4 a.m. while i drove at freeway speed home from work. Whoooof!

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