NASA: Decreasing the Suck, Increasing the Awesome

Just try to keep up with internet vlogger Hank Green of Vlogbrothers as he explains why he believes NASA is worth every .45 penny of any American’s hard-earned US tax dollar. And believe it or not, this is a video from NASA Television. They really are increasing the awesome.

5 Replies to “NASA: Decreasing the Suck, Increasing the Awesome”

  1. I would hate it that NASA spends all the tax payers dollars in companies that will hire oversees Indian software developers and products made in China to get their satellites up.

    1. It is sub-optimizing to earmark money on an international market. Industrial support should go to industry, space support to space, if you want the biggest boost(er) for your money.

      [Then you could discuss the worth of industrial support in the first place. Development and risk capital: good; subsidizing old industry instead of change: bad 2 times over, for the dying and developing industry both.]

  2. I would Gladly donate $20 or so of my hard earned discretionary income for a T-shirt with that on it!!!

  3. Very Good.
    How about a comparison between Nasa’s budget and the Federal waste
    How about a look at the list of benitits from the Nasa expenditure to the federal budget.

  4. awesome??? what is more important than awesome? honesty isnt it? just be honest and do not cover up..

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